thompson 1
thompson 2
Thompson 3

The Thompson was designed to be a modern floor model and top-selling piece.  This required it to be a design that was not overly adventurous and eliminated the possibility of a dramatically low back. Above all it had to be comfortable to sit upon. The cantilevered metal legs give the style an appealing visual tension, but are easily swapped for a more conservative wood base for clients who are less adventurous or have a more traditional home.

Tete a Tete

tete a tete 3

This piece was designed specifically for the entry hall of a client’s South Lake Union condo.  It is meant to provide a comfortable place to take shoes off and appreciate an extensive art collection while occupying the minimal amount of visual space. The client’s request was for an armless tête-à-tête with the backs inset from the edges of the seat. The curved corners and integrated seat cushion harmonize with the dramatic curve of a comfortable and armless back.  

tete a tete 1
tete a tete 2
tete a tete 4


Banquette 3
banquette 1
banquette 2

This banquette was originally drafted as a custom design in conjunction with a client, but turned out so well it became a Couch Seattle signature banquette. As dining seating it has a taller seat and shallower depth than a sofa. The tall legs keep it from feeling heavy and the mini-wing arms provide a corner to lean into without making it difficult to slide in and out.

banquette 4